Deck the Halls and Table: Hosting During the Holidays Without Breaking the Bank

Deck the Halls and Table: Hosting During the Holidays Without Breaking the Bank

Soaring prices don’t necessarily have to result in less cheer during your upcoming Christmas get-togethers. You can still have your friends and family over without busting your budget.

All you need is to be smart and resourceful! Here are a few suggestions to help you have a great time with you loved ones during the holidays without overspending.

Menu Tips

 Many solutions can be combined to lower a holiday dinner’s grocery bill:

  1. First, try to reduce the number of guests.
  2. If you can’t get that number down, plan your menu weeks, or at least several days, in advance. You will then have sufficient time to hunt for bargains at different stores. Easy to download apps that let you access best-price guarantees are useful when price matching.
  3. Forget the five-course meal and simplify the menu. Devise it around cheaper ingredients. Why not serve a vegetarian or even vegan feast this year? This will significantly cut down your grocery bill!
  4. Finally, don’t fill the plates individually in the kitchen before serving; instead, place the dishes directly on the table. In addition to creating a more festive atmosphere, your guests won’t feel obligated to clean their plates. Everyone can eat according to their appetites, and you will save money by serving smaller portions.


Decor Tips

  1. Use the natural materials available in your backyard: pinecones, evergreen branches and small stones can make a beautiful table centrepiece. Be creative or find inspiration online.
  2. Concentrate on the musical backdrop. A carefully curated playlist can compensate for a more pared-down decor and costs nothing!
  3. Opt for variously sized ornaments. Oversized pieces mean you need to buy fewer of them to create a visual impact. For example, large round Chinese lanterns will look magnificent suspended over the kitchen island or dining table. Purchase small basic wreaths at a discount store and hang them individually in the various rooms your guests will have access to: the dining room’s windows; in a frame as part of the living room’s gallery wall; on the washroom’s mirror, etc. 

Get Everyone Involved

  1. Do your family and friends like to cook? Hosting a potluck might be an idea worth considering.
  2. A wine and cheese party where every guest brings a platter is an equally economical hosting option.
  3. Think about borrowing your mother’s splendid dinnerware service and your aunt’s silverware.


Moderation is the Key

  1. If serving alcohol isn’t essential, provide carbonated water or seasonally appropriate drinks like hot chocolate or cider.
  2. If you decide on cocktails, limit the menu to one or two options.
  3. Swap out champagne for sparkling wine. The bubbles will be just as festive but won’t give your wallet a hangover.
  4. If you guests offer to bring their own beverages, accept.


And don’t forget to not stress out! The real meaning of the holidays is spending time with our loved ones. It’s these moments of happiness that everyone will remember … not how much the party cost!

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